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FAQ Fragrance

How do I make the scent last longer?

It is worth noting that it's normal to become accustomed to the smell of a fragrance. After you've smelt a fragrance for a while, your brain can 'turn off' to it - this is something we struggle with on a daily basis during fragrance development. This can often lead to the thought that a fragrance has disappeared when, in fact, it hasn't. A very simple way to counter this is to rotate your fragrances on a day-to-day basis.

We focus very hard on longevity every season - we try to develop fragrances that last all day for most wearers. That said, natural perfumes can vary a lot from person to person, and different skin types and body temperatures can affect longevity in particular. There are some things you can try to help increase longevity, should you find your fragrance wearing off too soon:

  • Apply away from the face: When applied to the neck / collar, one can very quickly adjust to the smell of a fragrance, and stop noticing it (this effect can vary with the fragrance). Applying to the lower arms and back of the neck instead can help.

  • _Hold the sprayer close: _A 5cm gap between your skin and the perfume pump leaves a concentrated circle of fragrance on the skin - the concentration helps the fragrance last longer & ensures that a higher proportion of the spray is actually applied to the skin, and not lost to the air.

  • Apply to cold spots: Applying the perfume to cooler points on the skin, rather than to hot points, reduces the rate of evaporation and helps the perfume to last longer. For example, apply to top of wrists, not underside of wrists, which are hot points, and tend to evaporate the perfume more quickly than elsewhere)

  • Apply to clothing: Perfume applied to clothing rather than to skin sits at a lower temperature, and therefore evaporates less quickly. This also means that the fragrance can be removed with ease, should you wish. The counterpoint is that the sillage - or power - of the fragrance is reduced. Less heat means a slower evaporation time and therefore reduces the power of the scent.

Still not lasting long enough? Let us know so we can work on this for next season:

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