Our Process

Ingredient Search
We search for the highest quality and most sustainably grown raw materials on the planet.
Oil Extraction
We extract oils from these materials with a range of traditional methods - mostly derived from the solvent extraction process invented by Francois’ great grandfather, Joseph Robert.
Parfum Blending
Brighton, England
The oils are taken to Brighton, where Francois and Elodie blend them into small batches of 100% pure parfum.
Two Stage Ageing
Devon, England
The parfum is brought to Devon, where it undergoes a two stage ageing process. Maturation, where the oil is barrelled and left to sit alone, and maceration, where the oil is blended with our Italian grain alcohol and left to sit again. Plant particles remain inside the mixture through both ageings. The ageing days for each batch are marked on the bottle label under ‘MAC / MAT‘.
Filtration & bottling
Devon, UK
Remaining plant particles are filtered from the perfume blend, and our french flint glass bottles are filled on site.
Controlled Storage
Somerset, England
Across the county border in our Somerset HQ, the bottles are stored under tightly controlled light and temperature conditions to ensure consistency across the batch.