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Billing Policy

The ledger can be thought of as a seasonal membership to our fragrances - we send a bottle of our seasonal fragrance to our ledger members four times per year, to be delivered on or around each Solstice and Equinox.

A space on the ledger costs £89 each season in the UK, $129 in the US & 119€ in the EU. This covers one 30ml bottle, a smaller sample, all postage, packing and returns, the benefits of ledger membership - and sometimes something a little extra.

Your first bill comes out upon joining the ledger, and is the payment for your first Ffern fragrance. Depending on availability, this will either be the current season's edition or the next fragrance release - we will let you know which fragrance you will receive on the day you are invited to join the ledger.

Please note that there may be a wait between joining and receiving your first fragrance. We take payment upon joining either way, as this allows us to plan your bottle into production.

From then on, all future billing dates will be scheduled for the 1st day of each launch month:

Winter fragrance - launches on the Winter Solstice / billed on December 1st.

Spring fragrance - launches on the Spring Equinox / billed on March 1st.

Summer fragrance - launches on the Summer Solstice / billed on June 1st.

Autumn fragrance - launches on the Autumn Equinox / billed on September 1st.

If you have any further questions, please be in touch at

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