How it works

Seasonal eau de parfum

At Ffern, we make seasonal eau de parfum. We never sit still, and never stop creating. Each equinox and solstice, we blend a new batch for the coming season.

Every batch is strictly limited, and once it's gone, it's gone. The only way to secure a bottle is by adding your name to our production ledger.

The production ledger

We are committed to small batch production processes - and there’s a limit to how much we can produce in any given season. That’s why we use a production ledger.

The ledger is a list of names. Each season, when we’re preparing to blend, age and bottle our fragrance, we calculate our batch volume based on the number of names on the ledger. Everyone on the ledger receives a 32ml bottle of fragrance per season.

Space on the ledger costs £69 per quarter. You are free to leave at any time, and every bottle ships with a sample vial. You can try the sample at home and decide whether you’d like to keep that season’s fragrance. If not, simply return the bottle with our free postage label, and your account will be credited with the full amount.

Ledger status
Waiting list

The waiting list

We keep tight control over the size of our ledger to ensure that the quality of our work is not compromised by scale. Hence, the ledger is usually closed. If so, you can join the waiting list below and we’ll let you know via SMS when space becomes available.

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Almost there! Please check your phone for a confirmation SMS. You'll need to reply with your first name.


Key details

A few key points about the Ffern ledger system:

- No minimum commitment, cancel anytime
- Skip a season if required
- Free trial with every bottle
- Free returns with every bottle
- Includes access to the Ffern archive

If you've any more questions about the ledger, please visit the ledger FAQ or get in touch with the team directly at