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Ffern Winter 23 bottle image
Blended + barrel-aged
in SW England

Winter 23


Organic eau de parfum twice aged and bottled in Somerset, England. 32ml.

Release Date21 DEC 22 09:31
Barrel-ageing days50/35
Archive stock levelLimited
Winter 23 is composed of 15 natural ingredients: 5 top notes, 4 mid notes, and 6 base notes. Click on an ingredient below to find out more about our sourcing approach, and the ingredient's history.
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Film by Sam FinneyAaton XTR 16mmOur short film takes inspiration from the myth of Holda. Holda, so the story goes, was said to shake out her eiderdown from the sky, the loose feathers drifting down to become the first snowflakes of the season. We imagine our artist for Winter 23, Petra Börner, seeing the story’s characters take shape in her mind’s eye, even as they resist her attempts to commit them to paper…

syn·aes·the·sia /ˌsɪn.əsˈθiː.zi.ə/ noun The subjective sensation of a scent other than the one being stimulated. For example, a sound or scent may also evoke sensations of colour.

There is a green that comes in winter: you can find it on the frost-limned needles of a pine tree, in the depths of moss, holly’s dark gloss and the silken shine of sun through ice. It is deep and inked - a darkling green - and at the edges, silver.

When we think of the season, this colour presides. And so for Winter 23, we set ourselves the challenge: could we turn colour into scent? Could we bottle winter green?

We began by selecting ingredients that carried a cool, blue-green facet: peppermint, rosemary, lavender and tarragon - the aniseed sparkle of tarragon recalling the iciness of winter air.

For the element of rich, blackish green, we turned to woody notes of balsam fir and cedar, layering these with spicy oakmoss, clove and patchouli - the dense hues of a forest in midwinter.

The combination of these ingredients did indeed evoke green - and a dark green at that - but it also felt a little flat. It was as though the scent required more layers, more mystery. After all, the winter solstice is a time when folklore and magic abound. 

To find this elusive quality, we turned to two new ingredients we have been experimenting with over the past year. Ambrette seed is a warm, ambery, pear-like note with a naturally musky edge. And osmanthus, a precious blossom prized for centuries in China, brings a blush of peach and apricot, with quiet echoes of tea.

We were delighted with the result. These two ingredients conjured the enchantment we were seeking - a shaft of sunlight through the canopy, illuminating the winter green.

Each fragrance arrives with a complimentary sample vial for you to try at home before deciding whether or not to keep the main bottle.

Allergen Information

NB: For a full breakdown of our ingredients, please refer to the ingredient list on the main fragrance page. The list below is for the identification of potentially allergenic molecules - our natural perfume oils are grouped under the term ‘Parfum’.

Alcohol denat (70%), Parfum (18%), Water (12%), Limonene*, Linalool*, Eugenol*, Citral*, Evernia prunastri extract*, Geraniol*, Benzyl benzoate*, Benzyl alcohol*, Coumarin*, Farnesol*

* Scientific names for molecules found inside our natural ingredients.