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23 Beak Street Ffern Flagship   Photographer Edvinas Bruzas.

23 Beak Street

Four years on from releasing our first seasonal fragrance, we at Ffern have made our first move into bricks and mortar, opening up the world of natural perfumery beyond our dedicated ledger community.

For the first time, you are able to sample and purchase our limited edition fragrances in person, both from present seasons and from our archive, at our flagship store on Beak Street, Soho.

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Seemingly worlds away from the streets of Soho, the Ffern store is a multisensory space - an olfactory experience and a celebration of our Somerset heritage through textures and materiality. Plinths of hand carved Somerset stone sit at the entrance while a cocooning archival area at the back of the store acts as a space to sample and experiment with vials of our sustainably sourced natural ingredients.

You are encouraged to spend time in the space, to try a cup of Ffern’s organic herbal tea, view the latest artwork from our community of Ffern Artists or watch the season’s film.

The store hosts a roster of engaging workshops for ledger members, from perfumery to candle-making and natural dyeing, as well as live podcast recordings from As the Seasons Turns.

We are open 11am-7pm Monday to Saturday, and 12pm-6pm on Sunday.


We are so grateful to our ledger members, whose support continues to allow us to innovate and grow — and we very much hope you will come to see us in the shop for a cup of tea and conversation.

While we are blending special batches for the store, our fragrances will remain strictly limited edition — 23 Beak Street will be the only place to purchase them for those not on the ledger. Ledger members will continue to receive a special price and access to a growing list of exclusive benefits.

We hope the store will become a place for our members to come together, meeting us and one another in person for ledger-exclusive events and workshops. Our members remain at the core of Ffern, and we are so excited to welcome you to our new space.

To become a ledger member, please sign up to our waiting list here.

Ffern has collaborated with holistic interior design studio House of Grey to reimagine the rich olfactory Somerset landscape that forms the backdrop to all we do. House of Grey’s visionary approach is guided by Circular Salutogenic Design, resulting in a shop that reflects Ffern’s fragrances and ethos — entirely plastic free and made with entirely naturally derived and sustainably sourced materials.

“Most retail design is not a natural ecosystem to feel at ease in. Often when visiting stores in a city like London, I find myself wishing to be elsewhere. For the Ffern flagship, we wanted to create a unique space that had a positive impact on both human health and the health of the planet.”

Louisa Grey, Founder of House of Grey