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How it Works

At Ffern, we take a fresh approach to perfumery, and to perfume making.

It’s all driven by a simple goal: better perfume.

To receive a bottle of Ffern, you must first join the ledger. The Ffern ledger acts as our guide each season; we make one bottle of the fragrance for every name on our ledger, no more. Working in this way allows Ffern to remain true to traditional, small batch production processes and - by being so tightly controlled - to minimise waste.

The idea is simple: We keep a small list of clients (the ledger), and we make our perfume exclusively for these clients. Nobody else.

Once your name is on the ledger, we’ll blend you one bottle of perfume for every season of the year. We’ll bill you in advance of the release (£89 per bottle), and aim to have the perfume with you by the relevant solstice or equinox date.

You’re free to leave at any time - but if you choose to stay, your space is guaranteed for life (or as long as we’re around).

Right now the ledger is full - but the waiting list is open and if you’re interested we encourage you to sign up. If we do find you a space, it’ll be worth the wait!

You can sign up below, and we’ll send you an SMS when a space comes up.

In addition to our seasonal fragrance releases, members of the Ffern ledger have exclusive access to the Ffern archive.

Any returns are stored in controlled conditions at the Ffern HQ - these make up the Ffern archive. We monitor the ageing process carefully, and it plays a major role in our new fragrance development.

Ledger members are welcome to order bottles from the archive whenever they wish.

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