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At Ffern, we take a fresh approach to perfumery. It’s all driven by a simple goal: better perfume.

We create a new, seasonal fragrance four times a year. These are made exclusively for our clients (the ledger), and sent directly to them. Nobody else.

More details can be found in our FAQ.

Each season, we make one bottle of fragrance for each person on our ledger.

This allows us to remain true to traditional, small batch production processes.

Right now the ledger is full, but if you sign up to our waiting list, we’ll let you know when we find you a space.

Names are drawn from the waiting list at random, so everyone has a chance to get a space.


  1. 01
  2. Winter Solstice
  3. 02
  4. Spring Equinox
  5. 03
  6. Summer Solstice
  7. 04
  8. Autumn Equinox

We release four fragrances per year; one for each season. Each season’s fragrance costs £89.

Once your name is on the ledger, each season we’ll blend and bottle a new fragrance for you, and send it directly to you.

All our fragrances are gender-neutral, designed to be worn by anyone. As we use natural ingredients, our fragrances evolve with each person who wears them.

You’re free to leave the ledger at any time. If you choose to stay, your space is guaranteed for life (or as long as we’re around).

Every bottle we send to ledger members ships with a separate sample box, as well as the main bottle box.

You can use this to try out the fragrance in the comfort of your home, before deciding whether or not you wish to keep the main bottle each season.

If you find the fragrance isn’t quite right for you, you can return it to us for a full refund.

Any returned fragrances must have the main bottle box unopened, and must be sent back within 14 days of being received.

Each Ffern fragrance is made with ingredients that aim to capture the immense complexity of the natural world.

Our ingredients change each season. Trying to recreate the same scent repeatedly would be incredibly difficult and belie the ever-evolving nature of our ingredients.

In addition to our seasonal fragrance releases, members of the Ffern ledger have exclusive access to the Ffern Archive.

Any returns are stored in controlled conditions at the Ffern HQ - these make up the Ffern Archive.

Ledger members are welcome to order bottles from the archive whenever they wish.