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At Ffern there are three pillars to our sustainability approach:

  • Reusable
  • Plastic free
  • Recycled and recyclable

In the last six months, we’ve been working hard in all of these areas. Thanks to a major packaging update for Spring 21, we’re pleased to be able to share what we’ve achieved.

Every element of our packaging is designed with re-use in mind. Most notable of all is our mushroom inner. We’ve been working with Magical Mushroom in south-east England to develop a mycelium bottle tray. Grown from organic waste material (a by-product of the timber and hemp industry) and mycelium (a network of mushroom roots), the tray is 100% home compostable. The making of the tray requires a fraction of the energy used in petroleum-based alternatives and relies entirely on nature to do the work.

In the Ffern studio, we have even been re-using the trays to grow herbs and other flowers. Each spring, we’ll included some seeds with our fragrance, so that ledger members can do the same.

At Ffern, we’re proud to be the first perfume maker to eliminate plastic from our packaging.

For Spring 2021, we launched the Ffern kraft tube. Most perfumes are made with a plastic cap. These are typically constructed from multiple types of plastic, cannot be recycled, and serve no purpose once the perfume is finished. We’ve removed the caps from all of our bottles, and designed a kraft paper tube to take its place. The tube functions as a cap, protects the fragrance inside from light, and is 100% recyclable.

Our aim in this area is simple: Every single component that arrives with our ledger members each season should be recyclable. We are delighted to say that this has been achieved. From the bottle itself, which can be left in your regular recycling collection (recycling plants are able to separate the glass and metal parts on site - just like with wine bottles), to the postage box, a Ffern package should generate zero landfill.

Further, all of our printed materials (including the large art poster that ships with each release) are made with FSC 100% recycled, carbon balanced paper.

We continue to work hard in all of these areas and look forward to sharing our progress with you in the future.