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FAQ Ledger

What is the Ffern ledger?

The Ffern ledger is a list of names that we keep at the Ffern studio in Somerset. Each season, we blend, age and bottle Ffern eau de parfum for each of the names on this ledger.

Spaces on the ledger are very limited - we do this to ensure that our commitment to ingredient and process quality is not compromised by growth. With a ledger system, we can focus on the customers we already have, and continue to practice the small batch production methods that we've been developing since our launch.

A space on the ledger costs £79 per season (i.e. £79 per bottle, four times per year). If you're able to secure a space, this amount will be debited from your account the day you join, and on the 1st of every launch month from then on, until you decide to remove your name from the ledger.

There's no minimum commitment involved - you could join for just one season if you liked.

Because we understand that each fragrance will be experienced uniquely by each one of our ledger members, and so might not be quite right for everyone, every bottle ships with a sample vial set into the outside of the pack. You can try this sample at home, and decide whether or not to keep the main bottle, which is sealed. If the fragrance isn't quite for you, you can return the still-sealed fragrance to us via our returns form. We will refund you once we receive it back with us and log it into our system.

We aren't currently taking any new ledger members on board, but if you'd like to join, you can sign up to the waiting list and we'll find you a space as soon as we can.

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