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Ffern Spring 24 bottle image
Blended + barrel-aged
in SW England

Spring 24


Organic eau de parfum twice aged and bottled in Somerset, England. 32ml.

Release Date20 MAR 24 03:06
Barrel-ageing days38/25
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The Rhubarb Triangle

A short documentary following fifth-generation Yorkshire rhubarb growers the Cooks, as they prepare for the early spring harvest.

Spring 24 is composed of 16 natural ingredients: 7 top notes, 4 mid notes, and 5 base notes. Click on an ingredient below to find out more about our sourcing approach, and the ingredient's history.
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Film by Pal Studios, Elena Heatherwick and Sam FinneyArri AlexaOde to Rhubarb was written and performed by the Featherstone Male Voice Choir, who are based in Yorkshire’s Rhubarb Triangle - in a special collaboration with Ffern to celebrate the forthcoming launch of our Spring 24 fragrance.

In sheds and under cloches, closed off from the light and frost, something very special grows from midwinter into early spring. Bright pink, sour-sweet forced rhubarb, delicate and fine. 

We have long wanted to bottle this harvest. But rhubarb is one of those plants which has no fragrant oil to extract - so in trying to replicate its scent, we needed to create a new accord that would blend with our light springtime palette of citrus, florals and spices. Together with Elodie, our nose, we considered rhubarb’s aspects.

First, its tartness - that sour zing that is so distinctive. For this we looked to citruses: bitter orange, bergamot and grapefruit. Bergamot’s florality and the orange’s bitter edge took us part of the way there, but it was grapefruit’s herbaceous acidity that touched on the acute sharpness we were looking for. 

Onto our citrus we layered timut pepper, a bright note that fizzes and sparkles, and a touch of clean, fruity buchu. 

But rhubarb is also sweet, and this is the more pronounced in forced varieties, inseparable from thoughts of crumbles and tarts, sugar crystals clinging to pink stems. For this we used davana, a fragrant herb with an elusive scent, said to smell completely different on each person who wears it - but always with a syrupy, jam-like tone, just what we needed.

And finally we came to the earth in which the rhubarb is grown. Here we reached for ginger for its dry spice, and paired it with pencil-like red cedar. 

The finishing touch was our beautiful Haitian vetiver, with the addition of a new form of the oil. This season we fractionated our vetiver, separating the oil into parts. This allows us to remove those facets that are less beautiful - leaving a pure scent reminiscent of the first green shoots of spring. 

Each fragrance arrives with a complimentary sample vial for you to try at home before deciding whether or not to keep the main bottle.

Allergen Information

NB: For a full breakdown of our ingredients, please refer to the ingredient list on the main fragrance page. The list below is for the identification of potentially allergenic molecules - our natural perfume oils are grouped under the term ‘Parfum’.

Alcohol denat (68%), Parfum (20%), Water (6%), Orange Blossom Water (6%), Limonene*, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Peel Oil*, Linalyl Acetate*, Juniperus Virginiana Oil*, Linalool*, Citrus Aurantium Peel Oil*, Pinene*, Citrus Aurantium Flower Oil*, Jasmine Oil*, Terpineol*, Geraniol*, Benzyl benzoate*, Eugenol*, Citral*

* Scientific names for molecules found inside our natural ingredients.