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Ffern Summer 21 bottle image
Blended + barrel-aged
in SW England

Summer 21


Organic eau de parfum twice aged and bottled in Somerset, England. 32ml.

Release Date21 JUN 21 03:32
Barrel-ageing days14/45
Archive stock levelSold out
Summer 21 is composed of 16 natural ingredients: 5 top notes, 5 mid notes, and 6 base notes. Click on an ingredient below to find out more about our sourcing approach, and the ingredient's history.
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Film by Sam FinneyArri SR2, 16mmThe Summer 21 movie was shot using 16mm film on farmland in South West England. The sculpture was created by artist Nicola Yeoman.

It is late summer and the edge of evening. Fields flecked with gold stretch out towards the horizon. The heat of the day rises up from the parched earth; a warm breath against the paling blue of the wide, cloudless sky. The sun descends, burning between the old oak trees. An owl, parchment white, emerges from the shadows. As dusk deepens, the crescent moon brightens. 

The scent, held in this long dim before nightfall, is heady, rich and spiced. It carries with it traces of a verdant midsummer and the drier, deeper notes of the season’s end. It is layered and complex, belonging only to this time of year. For Summer 21, it is this scent we have sought to capture.

We began with the field and the warm, cracked earth. In recreating this we married nutmeg with vetiver; the dry, dusty sweetness of the nutmeg complimenting the woodiness of the vetiver. To add warmth and depth we introduced olibanum, with its peppery, incense-like facet, and benzoin siam, bringing a rounded, gently balsamic flavour. 

For the memory of midsummer, we turned to the citrus notes of bitter orange, lime and green mandarin. These full, zesty top notes cut through with a freshness that we softened with the quiet, floral notes of jasmine and neroli. While only faint, we included the herbal, culinary notes of coriander and basil, hinting at the green growth of the hedgerows.

Though these ingredients combined to capture a distinctive scene, we continued to search for something that might embody the amber glow of the evening - that soft, mellow haze that seems to fill the air. We found it in ‘Hierochloe alpina’, more commonly known as hay. Warm and sweet, with tobacco and almond undertones (it naturally contains coumarin), the hay brought the missing element.

Each fragrance arrives with a complimentary sample vial for you to try at home before deciding whether or not to keep the main bottle.

Allergen Information

NB: For a full breakdown of our ingredients, please refer to the ingredient list on the main fragrance page. The list below is for the identification of potentially allergenic molecules - our natural perfume oils are grouped under the term ‘Parfum’.

Alcohol denat (77%), Parfum (18%), Water (5%), d-Limonene*, Linalool*, Citral*, Benzyl Benzoate*, Eugenol*, Geraniol*, Coumarin*, Farnesol*, Benzyl Cinnamate*

* Scientific names for molecules found inside our natural ingredients.