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Are your fragrances organic?

Yes! Our internal policy is to blend our fragrances to the organic standards set by COSMOS, to which we are absolutely committed. That said, we don't have a certification ourselves for the finished fragrance - we're trying to find a solution, but at the moment our fast seasonal turnaround and limited runs make the certification process practically impossible. We're hoping this changes soon!

The COSMOS standard means that we use in excess of 95% certified organic ingredients. We are also a natural fragrance maker. This means we only use natural fragrance ingredients (except in the case of the Spring 19 jasmine extract, where we felt there was an environmental case not to use the extract of natural origin). Surprisingly, this is not actually a requirement for organic certification, but it is something we are committed to.

Organic doesn't necessarily mean natural - something to be aware of is that organic certifications can still permit a very high quantity of artificial fragrance ingredients.

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