The Ffern ledger

We have developed a new subscription system for managing our production and ageing processes: The Ffern ledger. Rather than buying bottles on a one off basis, our customers can add their names to the Ffern production ledger - we will then blend, age and fill one bottle per season for each name on this ledger. A space on the ledger costs £69/season.

NB: The ledger is currently full, but the waiting list is open. Sign up below, and we'll send you an SMS when space becomes available.

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Our thinking:

After three sellout releases and a rapidly accelerating demand, we realised that one of our core values was at risk: Small batch artisan production.

We think that the world of perfume has a lot to learn from the worlds of whisky and wine. From the ingredient sourcing, through to the extraction, blending and ageing, we've rebuilt the perfume production stack from the ground up.

Rather than falling over ourselves to scale these processes and meet the demands of a growing customer base, we've decided to take things slow, and focus on the customers we already have. Hence, we're introducing the ledger system.

From now on, we will blend fragrance each season exclusively for the names on our production ledger. Space on the ledger is carefully limited to ensure that our commitment to ingredient and process quality is not compromised by scale.